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Located in Knowlton, Quebec, LEK is strategically positioned twenty minutes from the US-Canada border — immediately north of the US eastern states — and an hour forty-five minutes away from Montreal's Trudeau International Airport and Burlington International Airport.

LEK is a highly flexible manufacturing environment designed to meet the needs of mass brands; from new product introductions, to brand growth, as well as the continuous improvement needs of mature brands. Highly capable in the production of liquid and solid products, LEK is recognized by the market as a leader in large-scale hot pour capabilities, boasting some of the best expertise in the manufacture of anti-perspirants and deodorants in the world.


The LEK organization is a team-driven environment designed to adapt to the changing needs of its customer base. LEK's teams are best in class in planning and introducing new products to the mass market, as well as introducing cost improvement programmes that secure a product's profitability over its life-cycle. Since 1991, LEK has been a stable partner to some of the most important brand-owners in the world, as its management and operational teams continue to refine their approach to managing the complexity of the consumer packaged goods industry.