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KDC Columbus

Situated in Johnstown, Ohio, KDC Columbus is strategically located in a new state-of-the-art beauty-oriented business park to better serve many of the world's largest Personal Care brands seeking smart options in regionally efficient manufacturing, high-velocity logistics and reduced freight cost.

This world-class facility is designed for high-speed production of surfactants, emulsions, and alcohol-based products with benchmark capabilities to assist customers in ideation and commercialization. Equipped with a superior lab space with cutting edge technologies, as well as a micro lab and olfactory room, KDC Columbus redefines the customer relationship in the consumer packaged good industry with a superior level of intimate R&D and conceptual collaboration.

In 2012, the newly constructed facility was awarded with the advanced level of achievement for the Environmental Criteria and Opportunities for Sustainability Program (ECOS) by the city of New Albany for its environmentally conscientious building design.

The Team

With a high level of industry knowledge & manufacturing expertise, the KDC Columbus team is engaged to continuously meet customer expectations with strategic planning, flawless execution and speed to market. Leveraging the expertise of the KDC companies with an outstanding management and operational team, KDC Columbus is the ideal partner for the world's best brands and best consumer goods companies.

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